Remove the consequences of an incident quickly

We offer an innovative and practical product/invention which can provide an effective way to screen off accidents and eliminate the problem of rubbernecking.

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Reducing road congestion

When this incident screen is set up fast on site and positioned in the right way in front of an accident, the view of motorists can be blocked to minimise rubbernecking and prevent traffic tie-ups and additional accidents. The screen also privatizes a fatal accident so firearm personnel don't have to stand there holding a tarp up. This system is the newest way to shield of accidents. It has been proven many times that the only way to eliminate rubbernecking is putting blinders on drivers but the rubbernecking screen provides a viable alternative which could be a factor in reducing highway congestion and accidents which are caused by distracted drivers.



Fast deployment

Fast, easy and simple method to screen off an accident.

Easy to handle system

Sytem is made of 40 loose elements, which can be easily assembled by only two road workers.

Easily transported storage system

The entire assembly (meaning very light screens and steel support holders) can be transported on a three meter long trailer.

1 set = 100 m

All screens can be placed in a straight line by using heavy steel holders that must be placed flat on the ground first.

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The Highways Agency has given our flex screen a certificate of performance.

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